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May Play!

Last year I bought a packet of sunflower seeds from Target.  Burpee’s Chianti Hybrid.  They were amazing!  And then, in January of this year, I noticed little plants sprouting where the sunflowers had been last year.

And yes! They had reseeded themselves.  And now they are blooming full on gorgeous!

Burgundy Sunflowers

Sunflowers blooming in May!

bee in sunflower

Sunflowers love bees

a hennaed sunflower among real sunflowers


Sunflower backpack

And I was inspired to make a sunflower bag, too.


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Happy Mother’s Day!

Day lily

A Mother's Day bouquet

Thanks, Mom! You were always there when I needed help.  You nurtured and pushed and encouraged me.  You taught me the value of reading and learning and loving.

You have dedicated your life to helping others and your students have gone on to become the first college graduates of their families, doctors, dentists, engineers, teachers.  You may have thought you had no creativity, but your life and your work are living testimony to your ability to think beyond limits and create new ways of solving problems.

You discovered new artistic ability when most people started thinking about retiring.  You learned everything you could about photography.  You took photographs and played with them in the darkroom.  And you achieved excellence — with your own exhibit in the Parthenon! among other notable places.

You are now at a crossroads where your time as an active faculty member is winding down (and after 40 years, it’s about time!).  Your artistic vision is changing and you now have a house and cat to care for.  And yet, you continue to care deeply about the transforming power of education, about art, and about helping people.

My Mother

I salute you, Mom.  I appreciate you.  And I look forward to finding out what happens next!

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